Fire Concerns in Rosemont?

Most of us living in communities like Rosemont have felt safe from major fires like those we’ve been seeing to the north and south of us. Until we see pictures of the subdivisions in Santa Rosa and Ventura areas that were totally destroyed in just a few minutes. That should get us all to thinking about what we’d do if face with any threat to our homes and personal safety. Could you quickly gather (or have you already?) all your vital documents, prescription medicines, clothing basics, water and some food, cell phones and chargers, blankets, and other essentials if you had to leave quickly for several days (or much longer)? Do you have truly irreplaceable items you could not live without (really?). Do you have set up a plan to let others know where you would go and how they can learn of your safety? It is best these people are far out of the danger area, and don’t expect that phone service and utilities will always be working. Have you planned for your pet’s safety and feeding? Do they have proper identification so they can find you? Where would they go and how would they get there if they are larger animals? As a threat approaches do you have a plan where you would go (assuming you have choices)?

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how you can prepare. While the emergency may not be a fire, it could be a flood or earthquake or some other crisis like a toxic spill or explosion. Even if you just have and practice an emergency evacuation plan for your house in case of an emergency you could save lives. One never can be sure, so it is important to think out your plans, discuss them with family and friends, and even make a check list.


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