RCA Board Nov. Highlights

At its November board meeting RCA had an extended discussion with our two POP Officers about how best to work with the Sheriff’s Department to reduce crime. The good news is that Rosemont does not experience more of a problem than elsewhere in the County, but it affects you that is of little consolation. So in many ways it is up to each of us to be vigilant and responsive to situations that don’t “just look quite right.” The officers described the importance of ALWAYS reporting suspicious situations because your information may be just what they need to finish acting on a case. Of course, always take normal precautions: don’t leave anything visible in your vehicle and always lock it; keep your landscaping trimmed so bad guys can’t hide in it; don’t fall for scams, especially on-line, or door-to-door folks who may just be casing your place to see if anyone is home before they break in. While we do not want to create or succumb to a feeling of fear, simple wise precautions are always in order. And one of the best ways to control crime in your neighborhood is to join or start a Neighborhood Watch group. It is easy and can be fun. Contact RCA to learn how and get help.

The Board also was briefed by CRPD on its plans to make improvements in parks here, and the survey it is conducting to get community input; it discussed revitalization programs to do with the grant RCA received form the County; it discussed what future programs we might want to offer to build a stronger sense of community; and we debriefed the Oktoberfest Food Truck and Beer Garden event – a great success, so look for more next year when the truck return. Of course, we are always welcoming volunteers who want to help make thing happen in Rosemont. Meeting minutes will be posted on the web site when approved.


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