RHS Homecoming October 13

Enjoy watching our Rosemont High students – and those from our other schools as well – as they celebrate their homecoming festivities on the afternoon of October 13. As before, the parade will begin at South Port and Kiefer and continue east on Kiefer to the high school.


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  1. August 14, 2017    

    Rosemont High Home Coming Parade, I have been requesting a complete shut down of all traffic on Kiefer, both West and East bound during rhe parade for the Safety of the children. Traffic does not sliw down, and I’m afraid someone is going to have a medical issue, and lose control of their car and plow into a group of children. By the time the parde is iver the children are pushed way up on the sidewalk, Southside of Kiefer. This is a yearly event and the cildren in the parade have a lot of pride representing their schools. From myvantage point on Kiefer and South Kiefer, their is so much traffic, can’t even enjoy watching the parade. This is something a lot of us look forward to every year. Need to put up the banners notifying drivers that they’ll need to detour between the hours of the parade or expect delays. The CHP has said the only need to be notified and they will take care of directing traffic! PLEASE who ever is in charge, keep the Rosemont Home Coming Parade Safe for The children in the parade. Thank you!

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