Rosemont Community Foundation

We are pleased you are interested in our Rosemont community and our Foundation. The Rosemont area has a rich history, going back hundreds of years, as we are in an area that figured prominently in native American cultures, in the Gold Rush, in the development of area agriculture, in the growth of the Sacramento Region, and more recently as a unique community of homes and businesses between the City of Sacramento and the City of Rancho Cordova.


We are proud of our community and we want to make it even more appealing and viable. We welcome your interest and ideas in that effort!

About the Rosemont Community Foundation


The RCF supports programs and projects in the Rosemont community that enhance the area’s safety, attractiveness, livability, commerce, and public services. We work with the Rosemont Community Association to create a desired community for both residents and businesses. RCF is not a member organization like RCA, but all those interested in its work are welcome to become involved. Meetings of its board are open meetings.

Because it is a 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to RCF may be tax deductible, thus providing an attractive way for people and businesses to support this community.

The RCF Vision

Rosemont is a highly desirable place to live, raise families and do business, with a wide range of engaged residents and businesses, a stable and growing economic base, excellent schools, and stimulating programs and resources that expand peoples’ talents, potentials and horizons.

We want people to seek out the chance to live and work in Rosemont because it is a very appealing community.

Relationship to the RCA

RCF was created by the Rosemont Community Association in 2009 to assist it in its work to enhance the Rosemont community by providing the means for more financial support and greater involvement of residents and businesses. The RCA board approves the members of the RCF board and provides guidance on the work program of the Foundation so that both organizations work toward common goals.


The Board of the RCF is currently comprised of the following persons:

President- Dee Gavaldon, Program Manager, Crossroads Diversified
Treasurer- Terry Dugan, Retired Association Executive
Secretary – Chris Gosney, Student Activities Director, Rosemont High School
Josh Leachman, Project Manager, Stonebridge Properties, LLC
Linda Zanze, Administrative Staff, Rosemont High School

Wayne Kirkling, Teichert, Inc.

Projects & Programs

RCF collaborates closely with the Rosemont Community Association, sometimes supporting RCA activities and sometimes taking the lead in starting programs and projects. RCF actively seeks funds by donation and grants that will support Rosemont community improvements.

Among the programs RCF is supporting are:

  • Neighborhood Watch and Park Watch – providing seed money to acquire unique Rosemont Neighborhood Watch signs for active groups to erect indicating a particular block is on alert. Also we have provided seed money for custom Neighborhood Watch tee shirts for supporters to wear promoting the Neighborhood Watch program and encouraging other to start their own groups. In both these cases participants buy the signs and shirts so the money is recycled to acquire more of each for the next people getting involved.

We also help RCA launch a new Park Watch program in conjunction with the Cordova Recreation and Parks District. This involves the placement of special signs in our parks with phone numbers to call in case of emergency or just to report a problem. And it involves working with nearby neighbors so they are prepared and alert to watch for problems.

  • Community Outreach – providing materials to inform residents and businesses about their community, RCA and RCF and how they can help enhance our community. Several times recently volunteers have walked the entire community distributing helpful information and inviting residents and businesses to community activities. This helped draw over 1300 people to our Annual Celebrations of Community where they learned about many resources and services available here, and helped recruit dozens of volunteers for future projects. The distribution also allowed several local merchants to get their names in front of several thousand residents at very little cost.
  • Anti-Graffiti Project – helping develop a quick response crew to clean up graffiti as soon as it is spotted. Acting on the “broken window” theory that says damage attracts more damage, and realizing that our public agencies are no longer able to provide key services that keep neighborhood attractive, we are forming and training crews and equipping them to effectively clean up graffiti in Rosemont. This, too, is in conjunction with RCA.

Programs that Rosemont Community Foundation is initiating include:

  • Rosemont Branding. While the Rosemont community is over 50 years old, we experience constant turnover and a growing mix of owner-occupied and rental homes. We also have hundreds of apartments with their usual tenant turnover. This requires a continual effort to inform and engage residents and engender in them a solid sense of pride in their community and a willingness to help make it great. We have worked to create an attractive “main street” effect along Kiefer Blvd. with both beautification projects and new banners that instill a sense of place while providing a more active and festive feeling. Additionally, we are planning to develop entrance monument signage that defines and welcomes people to our community. We expect to do this in conjunction with local resources, including students studying relevant trades.
  • Business Networking. Already we have begun discussions with local businesses to determine what can be done to improve their business and increase their bottom lines. This is important both because of the economic pressures businesses are feeling, and also because of the growing problems with minor crimes in the area that discourage customers. We are working closely with local law enforcement on this, and are looking to expand our Neighborhood Watch program to include a Business Watch project. A task force of business leaders will guide this project so it is of greatest benefit to them.
  • Rosemont Mascot. With the intent of attracting and engaging youngsters, and thus their parents, we are creating a community mascot that can appear at local events where we are reaching out to residents and businesses. We envision this character as having “local roots” with which children can identify, and even coordinate the project with our five local schools so the “story” can become a fun and useful part of the curriculum, even with some elements of the project interactive online.

As these projects take root and achieve success we anticipate launching more programs that promote and enhance Rosemont as a great community that takes care of itself. We invite businesses and individuals to help move us toward these goals.

Support Rosemont NOW!

We invite you to support your Rosemont community with a donation, one time or on-going, to the Rosemont Community Foundation, our 501(c)(3) organization that works with RCA to support projects in Rosemont. Donations to RCF qualify as a tax deduction if you wish.  Thank you for your support and for caring about our community!

PO Box 277194

Sacramento, CA 95827.

Thank you for your help in making Rosemont a more desirable community and protecting you investment here.

Supporters & Sponsors

We invite anyone interested in helping make Rosemont more appealing to consider supporting our programs. We welcome both donations of money, time and talent. If you would like to learn more or explore the idea of supporting Rosemont just contact us at  and we will be happy to chat with you.

In the meantime we want to acknowledge and thank State Farm Insurance for their very generous and continuing support over the years, as described below.

State Farm Supports Rosemont with Two More Grants

State Farm

In January 2014, State Farm Insurance continued it great relationship with the Rosemont community by providing two important grants, one to support a safe teen driving program and the other to provide financial literacy training. Each grant is for $15,000.

For the driving program RCF and RCA will be working with the Safety Center, Inc., the California Highway Patrol, and with our local schools to offer to teens AND their parents a solid training in safe and proper driving, practical experience, and how to avoid problem situations in and around vehicles. We plan to engage parents so that they can provide the effective modeling and reinforcement for students to grow into safe drivers.

For the financial literacy program RCF and RCA will be working with local financial institutions to offer to students and adults a practical orientation to wise money management practices ranging from how to save and manage money to the basics of investing and safeguarding assets, to avoiding risky situations and offers, to sound business financial practices.

We plan to begin offering sessions in both programs in the second half of 2014. Watch for more information as it develops.


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Benefits of Membership

  • The power of joined voices and resources enhancing our community and property values.
  • Neighborhood Watch program
  • Discounts and special offers from local Rosemont businesses
  • A network of people who, like you, care about where they live and are willing to help keep it the best it can be.
  • Fun events for members
  • A sense of pride knowing that you are part of something important and beneficial to you and your neighbors
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