Be Sure to Report Problems

One of the encouraging things we hear around Rosemont is the occasional complaint about a particular situation at some home or property – trash left in the street or a yard, or the poor condition of a home, or the un-neighborly behavior of a resident. We say encouraging because people notice it and are not happy and want it corrected. That’s what it takes to help assure that such poor conditions are not allowed to continue and our community is able to be attractive and safe. But while it is vital to notice and talk about these conditions, it is more essential to make a proper and effective report of them. If direct contact with the person responsible is not effective or is not comfortable, you can take the appropriate actions such as:

If it is an immediate safety problem that needs law enforcement response, call 911 or 874-5111 for Sheriff dispatch.

If it is a non-emergency problem (not an active crime or life threatening emergency) call the Sheriff at 874-5115 (for such reports get a case number to track it status)

If it is a problem like an unsafe condition (non-functioning traffic sign, pothole, general hazard, illegal trash pile, fire hazard, etc.) you can call 311 or click on to report it (and get a case number to track).

See Rosemont’s special flyer with more detailed information on reporting problems by clicking HERE, or pick up a paper copy of the flyer at an RCA event.


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