Board Member Information

Terry Dugan – President

Terry has lived in Rosemont since 1974, and served on the board and as
president of RCA for several years in the late 70s. Upon his retirement from
the League of California Cities after 34 years of service, he again joined the RCA board
in 2006. He has served on numerous non-profit boards and has taught in
several graduate management programs. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in political science
from the University of San Francisco and a Master’s Degree in public
administration from Golden Gate University.

Dee Gavaldon – Vice President

Dee is a life long resident of Sacramento County and has lived in Rosemont since 1989.  Dee has served on the RCA Board for about 10 years and currently serves as Vice President. Dee has been tenacious as the committee chair for the annual Celebration of Community and the annual Santa Parade.  She encourages all residents to volunteer to improve our community and strongly believes that no voluntarism is too small.

Jesus Mendoza – Treasurer

Jesus Mendoza is a 15+ year resident of Rosemont and has been serving as a board member and Treasurer of RCA since 2014. He is proud to say he “lives, works and volunteers” in the Rosemont Community. Jesus is a founder and real estate broker for Home Forward Real Estate and has been helping his clients buy and sell homes in the Sacramento area for 13+ years. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Sacramento State and a Bachelor of Arts from UC Davis. “Go Aggies!”

Richard Leimbach – Secretary

Richard grew up in Alameda County graduating from Berkeley High, and attended a couple of colleges before ultimately graduating from UC Davis. He embarked on multiple careers including property management and appraisal and retail bookselling while along the way working in Rosemont Plaza in 1980 for a finance company. After moving to New England in 1998, he worked in wireless telecom network design and engineering. Upon his return in 2003; he, his wife, and two cats settled back in Rosemont due to the favorable memories of the neighborhood. After returning to Rosemont, he entered parks and recreation administration. He joined the RCA Board in 2015 with main interests of maintaining the peace and grace of the neighborhood and bringing prosperity back to Rosemont Plaza.

Kathy Aldana

Kathy became an RCA board member in 2003 after having been a parent volunteer during her daughter’s school years. Kathy and her husband also volunteered in the grass roots effort that resulted in the successful bond measure that funded the construction of Rosemont High School.

Kathy’s goals are to work together with residents, business, and county partners to build a stronger Rosemont community including new businesses and a safer environment for all. She encourages and welcomes anyone interested in a more vibrant Rosemont to become a member, join the RCA board or our growing volunteer team.

Carol Arbini-McFarland

Carol has lived in Rosemont since 1993, and has served on the RCA board since 2005.  For the past five years she has served as chair on the scholarship committee.  She retired from the State of California in 2009 and has spent many volunteer hours with various organizations striving to ensure a strong community.

Larnell Gill

Larnell has lived in Rosemont since 1978. He worked in the maintenance department at Regional Transit for 33 years. While at Regional Transit, he climbed the ladder starting from the arduous task of cleaner of busses and eventually elevating to Maintenance Supervisor. Larnell has since enjoyed retirement since 2008. Larnell has been a member of RCA since 1978 and has worked on the Rosemont Neighborhood Accountability Board where we worked in association with the Sheriff’s Department to create community service work for juvenile first time offenders. He has also involved with neighborhood watch and has a deep love for Rosemont and its community.

Liz Lott

Liz has lived in Rosemont since 1979. Liz retired from the State of California after 39 years of service and has served on the RCA Board for nearly 2 years.  As a State employee, Liz was involved in the management of medical and pharmaceutical vendors and the clients they served.   With a significant emphasis on personal and written communication, along with problem solving abilities, Liz hopes to use these skills to help in bringing the community together and helping to solve any potential community issues.

Chris Peterson

Chris has lived in Rosemont since age 12. He is an Eagle Scout from the local Boy Scout troop 380 and has been involved with numerous community projects during his path to earn Eagle Scout honors. Chris enjoys the outdoors, which makes him a perfect fit for his current position with CALFIRE.

Kimberly Sloan

Kim was born and raised in the greater Sacramento area and graduated from Chico State in 2011. Recently she returned to the Sacramento area after living in the Bay Area for 3 years. She has been involved with various community activities ranging from homeless advocacy to tutoring children. Kim hopes to improve Rosemont’s business community and strives to make it a welcoming environment for everyone.

Gary Vorce

Gary has been a Rosemont resident for 9 years, served on the Rosemont Community Association/Rosemont Community Foundation for 8 of those years and is continuing to serve today.  He is currently the Rosemont representative for the Cordova Recreation Park District Oversight Committee and has been serving on the board for 6 years.  Over the years Gary has been involved in a number of events in the Rosemont Community and continues to make Rosemont a better community.

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